Founded in 1996, SOLTEK TECHNOLOGY Inc, is a professional high-end mainboard manufacturer in Taiwan. Most members of our R&D team and management staffs have at least 15 years experience in this field. Currently Soltek is headquartered in Taiwan, with its assembly lines in Mainland China. The total production capacity peaks over 300,000 mainboards per month.
With a strong commitment to research and development, SOLTEK has grown rapidly since its establishment. With our proven ability in design, our R&D team exploits both advanced technical know-how and experiences to make SOLTEK stand out as a brand new star. That is why SOLTEK is able to provide advanced and stable products, which assures our clients a profitable business.

right products, the right time, and the best quality is the basic of our product strategy. To put our products one step ahead of the rest, we analyze the trends of the computer industry, and study the requirement of the market. Meeting the market's requirement is the core of our strategy and our customers' opinions are always the most important part of this process.
SOLTEK devotes itself to best quality and has implemented a Total Quality Program. Our R&D department goes through an intense design review and testing process and all SOLTEK products go through very severe tests in our production line. Our quality control program includes Incoming Quality Control, In Process Quality Control, Reliability Testing, and Environment Testing.
Due to the complex circuitry of mainboard, any small defect often causes great frustrations. According to our definition of quality, the mainboard should include both quality of production and quality of service. Since the establishment of our company, global service has been our policy. SOLTEK's strong technical support team is prepared to deliver quick and effective local service from any of our service centers located in Mainland China and Holland. No matter where you purchase SOLTEK mainboard, we provide immediate technical support, RMA and other services. We attribute our long history of customer satisfaction to our fast response and our willingness to work closely with our customers.
SOLTEK believes that customers are our true shareholders. We must work together with them and take full responsibility for them. With comments from our valuable customers, we will have the opportunity to examine ourselves and continuously improve. As a company, SOLTEK strives to the very best of our ability to fulfill our responsibilities, both to our customers and to society, thereby making a brighter future for tomorrow.
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